Why Should We Choose Sugarcane Takeaway?

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If you look at our website, you can see there is a huge range of products made from sugarcane bagasse, this material is super sustainable and durable.

   [ Product used: 600ml Sugarcane Clamshell, 20oz Sugarcane Sauce Bowl. ]

Sugarcane is a tall tropical perennial grass that grows to between 2-4m high, used to produce a range of food products including sugar, molasses, and golden syrup. It grows mostly in Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brazil, and Australia. Sugarcane grows fast and strong, after harvesting, extracted for juice the leftover remain is called bagasse. 

Why Bagasse is good?

This bagasse is considered ‘useless’, ’rubbish’ but not to us. After collecting tons of bagasse, we just need a bit of water, heat, and then compress it into plates, bowls, and containers. This means, the process of making packaging will be super energy sufficient.


[ Product used: 600ml Sugarcane Clamshell. ]

Sugarcane can be harvested yearly while a tree can take up to 20 years to fully grown. Choosing a product that made out of paper, which is harvested and processed from a tree maybe not a good option compares to. Besides the sustainability factor, sugarcane products are also accounted for its high quality. The product and be frozen at -20 degrees Celsius and also can endure the heat up to 220 degrees Celsius. From the freezer to the oven with no hassle. 

And the best part? Certified sugarcane products from Nature Pac are home decomposable and break down in 90 days.

Sugarcane Bagasse Product comes with many size and shape. Check our product section to explore more options. Don’t hold back, the earth is okay with these.

[ Product used: 17S Sugarcane Tray ] 

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