Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Replacement for Your Business


You may be wondering, what’s all the fuss about eco-friendly food containers these days? Welcome to a future where food wastage and plastic contamination need not destroy our planet any longer. Remove the sour taste of environmental destruction with eco-friendly custom packaging paving the way towards a greener world for all.

The best thing about eco-friendly custom packaging is that there’s a solution to fit every kind of food retailer. Whether you’re serving up at hot dog fundraisers or delivering high-end restaurant eats for home, there are eco-friendly food containers for you. Fully-functional and diverse, here are some eco-friendly packaging options for you:

  • Clamshell Food Containers
  • Lunch & Snack Boxes
  • Hot Chip Containers.

Make your mark with eco-friendly custom packaging and show your support for the cause to remove plastic from takeaway food containers. Come up with an eye-catching brand design, then splash it across all of your eco-friendly containers for food. This way, you’re showing that you care for the environment and the good of your customer. Custom branded packaging for your business is made easier with so many customizable options to choose from. More than just custom packaging boxes, we’re thinking of custom packaging tape, stickers, and napkins. How about a stamp to produce your own biodegradable and compostable printed packaging? Get creative with your custom packaging boxes, the options are now endless. You don’t have to resort to faceless, clear plastic any longer. Be authentic, stand out from the crowd and choose to conduct business differently when you make the switch to eco-friendly custom packaging.

It’s not healthy to eat food from a toxic plastic container, nor does it serve the planet once disposed of. Favour biodegradable food packaging solutions instead, these are your best option for eco-friendliness. Recyclable food containers are simply not realistic, as soon as packaging gets contaminated by food waste, it loses the capacity to be recycled at all. Do you really expect every customer to thoroughly wash their takeaway food container prior to disposal to allow for recycling? Biodegradable and compostable food containers make so much more sense. For one, they’re comprised of the same organic material that you’re serving up to your customers in the first place. Expecting your customers to eat well and be healthy shares the same principle as the responsibility you have to provide eco-friendly food containers for them. Non-toxic, free from harm, biodegradable and compostable food containers are the kinds of alternatives we should be fighting for. As much as what we choose to eat is an ethical choice nowadays, so should be our attitude to eco-friendly food containers. Put your money where your mouth is for your business, compostable food packaging in NZ is the way to go.

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