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Nature Pac is here to support our local businesses. We offer special pricing for businesses who need packaging on a regular basis. If you have any enquiries, please send email to info@naturepac.co.nz  or call us (04) 569 6000


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Eco Friendly Packaging

If you’re looking for a solution to single-use plastic, consider making the switch to eco friendly packaging. At Nature Pac, we offer a full selection of greener products for you. Our eco friendly packaging options have got you covered with everything you need. We are 100% New Zealand owned and operated, here to support the plant based packaging movement in our own beautiful backyard. We believe small changes make a big difference, it’s time to change plastic to natural. 

Our eco friendly packaging is fully sustainable, the whole range of products that Nature Pac offers are designed to be completely compostable and biodegradable. Saving the energy taken up by recycling, our plant based products return to the very earth they first emerged from. We know that wholesale plant based packaging solutions can be hard to find. At Nature Pac, we are proud to offer an extensive range of local and affordable eco friendly packaging options. All of our products are fully customisable with the expert assistance of our design team in Wellington. We are dedicated to supporting your business as you transition to sustainable packaging for a greener New Zealand. Let it be known that your brand proudly supports a brighter future by making the switch to eco friendly packaging. 

Compostable & Biodegradable

At Nature Pac, we want to rid the world of disposable packaging and that requires a step beyond recycling. Made from plants, our eco friendly packaging is 100% compostable and biodegradable. Sustainable packaging that has a life cycle entirely in harmony with our environment produces a lasting solution for our earth, better than the limited opportunities recyclable products can offer. Our plant based packaging is hygienic and versatile, bringing high quality to your takeaway options. We offer a wide range of eco friendly containers for food and drink, including;
  • Plates
  • Bowls and lids
  • Trays
  • Hot cups
  • Cold cups
Disposable packaging needn’t cost the earth, that’s why we proudly offer local and affordable plant based packaging. Not only do we provide eco friendly takeaway containers, we also supply all the dining extras that you need to go along with it. To provide you with absolutely everything your customers need for a complete eco friendly takeaway dining experience, we offer;
  • Paper bags, straws and napkins
  • Wooden and disposable cutlery
  • Bamboo skewers and chopsticks

New Zealand Delivery

Be a pioneering part of our movement towards eco friendly packaging for all New Zealand businesses. Nature Pac readily supplies to a wide range of businesses who are committed to making the change for a greener environment. Together, we are leading the plant based packaging movement in New Zealand for a more sustainable society. You can browse our whole range of products online or contact our friendly team to discuss eco friendly packaging to suit your business needs. Based in Wellington, Nature Pac manufactures and distributes eco friendly packaging all across New Zealand. We offer quick and easy delivery directly to your business and streamline the reordering process. Versatile and hygienic, eco friendly packaging by Nature Pac is the ideal way to serve takeaway food and beverages to your customers. Help to initiate a more eco friendly lifestyle in your community by making the switch from plastic to natural. Improve the sustainability of your business and increase awareness of our collective environmental responsibility. Non-toxic, made from renewable resources, and delivered straight to your doorstep? Big things come in small eco-friendlypackaging.