Where Can Commercially Compostable Packaging And Serviceware Be Processed In New Zealand?

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Most compostable coffee cups and packaging can only be composted in commercial composting facilities. This is because the compost pile needs to reach a temperature of 55 degrees or higher to break down these items, which almost all home composting systems don’t achieve.



Industrial Composting Facilities


Facility Name: Envirofert Limited

Region Served: Auckland & Waikato

Compostable packaging is accepted from approved commercial facilities who have presented proof of their packaging certification, with collections carried out by an Envirofert approved contractor. For more information https://www.envirofert.co.nz/


Facility Name: Hampton Organics – Hampton PARRC

Region Served: Waikato

Hampton Organics will accept the delivery of approved compostable packaging via approved waste companies only. For more information here


Facility Name: Palmerston North City Council (Awapuni Resource Recovery Park)

Region Served: Palmerston North

Palmerston North City Council (PNCC) accepts approved compostable packaging via its own food waste collection service and events recycling service only. For more information here


Facility Name: Revital

Regions Served:  Central North Island including Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki

Revital has three facilities in the Central North Island who can accept delivery of certified compostable packaging. Acceptance is on a case by case basis as each facility can accept different quantities and different types of packaging. For more information here


Facility Name: Capital Compost – Wellington Southern Landfill

Region Served: Wellington

Capital Compost will accept delivery of approved compostable packaging via approved waste companies only. For more information https://wellington.govt.nz/services/environment-and-waste/landfill/types-of-waste-accepted


Facility Name: Christchurch City Council Organics Processing Plant – Operated by Living Earth

Region Served: Christchurch

Plastic-free compostable serviceware (e.g. bagasse, card) that has been pre-approved by the site operator is accepted.  This must be transported to the site via an approved waste collection provider and must have a pre-sort to remove contamination before reaching the site. No compostable packaging or food service waste can be placed in the Christchurch green kerbside collection bins. For more information here



Community Composting Facilities


Facility Name: The Compost Co.

Region Served: Restaurants and cafés on Waiheke Island

 The Compost Co. provides a small-scale organic waste collection service for restaurants and cafés on Waiheke Island. They are currently at maximum capacity, but interested venues can go on a waiting list. For more information http://www.wrt.org.nz/projects/compost-co/


Facility Name: Xtreme Zero Waste

Region Served: Raglan

Xtreme Zero Waste has resource consent to trial small quantities of compostable packaging in their industrial-scale Horizontal Composting Unit. This enables them to work with some local food outlets and community events. For more information http://xtremezerowaste.org.nz/


Facility Name: Kaicycle

Region Served: Wellington

Kaicycle provides a small-scale organic waste collection service for local households and office spaces which produce up to 60 litres of compostable waste per week. They only accept approved compostable packaging from their customers; they do not accept deliveries from other waste companies or larger-scale organic waste producers. They generally do not accept event waste. For more information https://kaicycle.org.nz/


Facility Name: WeCompost

Region Served: Auckland 

Auckland’s leading commercial compostable waste collection service. For more information https://www.wecompost.co.nz/


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